Safety Equipment Sales

We have been strategic to build our company to have minimal overheads to enable us to strive to offer great prices as we are not a shop front and we distribute directly from our suppliers at wholesale prices.

Ideally to offer great wholesale pricing we only distribute minimum orders based on our supplier minimum order and as the size of the order goes up, the total price comes down.

Contact us via email, phone or submit an equiry so we can offer you our best pricing based on our current supplier pricing.

Also please feel free to contact us to quote anything not listed via our supplier networks.

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Our Valued Customer Program

We currently offer our valued customers in the Brisbane area a free weekly valet delivery service and regular visits to your site to audit your PPE, safety gear & consumable stock levels and also monitor that you are getting best value for quality products.

Our Preferred Suppliers 

Our range of suppliers to enable us to select the best product suited for your application and price.


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Contact us for your product sales enquiry.