Workplace Safety & Training Services

What We Do

We understand that businesses are becoming more aware of their legal requirement to current WHS Legislations but find it difficult knowing where to start, costly, and just too hard to deal with. We are here to help you with this part of your business requirement by working with you in a simple and straight forward fashion to keep it simple to meet your obligations and not over complicate things. 

>We have a common sense and friendly approach towards Health, Health, Safety and the Environment to ensure safe systems of work are in place to manage risks and hazards in the workplace to reduce the risk of injury, illness and wellbeing as far as reasonably practicable. 

>Effective WHS management starts with a commitment to health and safety from those who operate and manage the business or undertaking, including company officers.
We work with you based on your budget and scope of what you want to achieve. Firstly we start from we start from ensuring you have systems in place to manage the safety of your workers and meeting basic compliancy for your business to working towards ISO certification. 

>We are simply here to help that you have taken the best measures to ensure that safety of your workers but remember there are harsh penalties for knowingly exposing a worker to a risk!

The requirement for workplace Health & Safety is not just legislation but should be common sense and second to nature.
We should want to ensure safety rather than feel we have to!

FREE WHS Health Check

Yes something for free! No tricks or obligations.

Workplace Safety Inspections & Audits

Regular safety inspections are part of your obligation to maintain a safe workplace.

We tailor or inspection to your work environment. Below are some examples or areas we inspect as part of a risk/hazard control strategy:

WHS Compliance Audits

We work with your business to achieve your WHS obligations.

>We take the time to talk with management, supervisors, and staff; review your WHS management systems, policies and procedures.
>We listen to you first and then provide our non-biased advice and support.
>Below is some of what we cover:

WHS Consultation

We are experienced from small to corporate businesses. 

>Whether  a small, medium or large business it still about getting the correct and straightforward advice on how to manage and implement workplace health and safety systems in your workplace to make every effort to ensure the safety of workers and their wellbeing.
>We listen to you first and then provide our non-biased advice and support.

Working From Home Compliance Inspections & Consultation

Model WHS laws state that an an Employer has duties to ensure the health and safety of your workers, even if they are working from home.

> It is good practice to formalise the working from home arrangement as well as identifying and managing WHS risks before the work commences.
> You can manage this yourself or have us inspect the proposed working from home environment

WHS Partnerships

It’s sometimes just makes sense to outsource for someone to manage or assist with WHS for a business due to time and money so that’s how we assist as an economic and professional solution.  

>Various options based on your requirements and objectives.
>We are flexible to accommodate for varying businesses needs and objectives.

WHS Training

Assured Safety Group offer a range of onsite training courses that we tailor to your workplace.

>Our training is normally a blend of presentation and interaction with participants.
>We offer a flexible approach to work with your business and staff.
>We can tailor or develop training sessions to suit your requirements.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance. 

Incident Investigations

We can come to site and manage incident investigations.

Hazard Management

We can help that a hazard is correctly managed.

It’s a legal requirement that you have a procedure in place to identify, eliminate or reduce risk due to a hazard ass far ass reasonably practicable.

WHS Support

We are here to help with anything WHS related.

Develop WHS Policies & Procedures

We can either review or help implement new policies & procedures.

Fire Safety Audits

Our qualified safety advisers are available to conduct a fire safety audit.

>Our Fire Safety Advisers will assess your premises and provide Fire Safety compliance advice.

WHS Mediation

We can  help mediate WHS issues or concerns.